Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

A representative organisation of employers that is public, voluntary and operates on democratic principles.

EHRA Members

198 companies including hotels, restaurants, affiliated members and schools belong to the Association.

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Classification system

Over Europe star system Hotelstars Union came to force in Estonia on 2th of May 2011. Hotelstars Union goal is to create a common European star system to make it easier for clients to understand and find expected quality in hotels.

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What Does the Association Offer Its Members?

Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association (EHRL) has 68 main members (hotels and independent restaurants who have voting right), 16 schools and 27 affiliated members, in addition Estonian Restaurant Association is a member of EHRL with over 85 restaurants. All major service and vocational schools are associate members of the Association.

Each member of the EHRL can receive consultations in the following whenever necessary:

  • Classification and attestation of hotels;
  • Legislation that regulates the activities of hotels and restaurants, incl. copyright;
  • Trends on the hotel and restaurant market, tourism statistics and forecasts.
  • The EHRL introduces good business practise and service experience to its members.
  • Members of the EHRL have an up-to-date overview of the economic activities or member hotels and restaurants.
  • Members of the EHRL can discuss relevant issues with other members and the Association in the web environment created for members.
  • An additional marketing environment in the form of the EHRL website is available to members of the EHRL.
  • Members of the EHRL receive information about world trends and forecasts in hotel and restaurant management. EHRL is a member of HOTREC (Confederation of National Associations of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in the European Union).
  • Every year, the EHRL published a catalogue of data of its members called Hotels of Estonia, which is aimed at foreign markets.
  • Members of the EHRL can participate in various cooperation projects and campaigns in cooperation with other companies, associations of companies and/or Enterprise Estonia, which is organised and/or intermediated by the EHRL.
  • Members of the EHRL can take part in professional training organised by the EHRL.

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