Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association


Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

The Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association is a representative organisation of employers that is public, voluntary and operates on democratic principles.

The Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association was established on 12 February 1992 by 16 hotels and restaurants. 200 companies or associations of companies, incl. schools that teach hotel and catering specialties, belong to the Association. The largest companies that provide accommodation services are also members of the Association.

The Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association is a founding member of the Estonian Employers Confederation, and has also been a member of HOTREC (Trade Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in the European Union) since 1993.


Main Activity Trends

  • Representing and protecting its members in relationships with state authorities and relationships with other legal entities and natural persons;
  • Representing its members and participating in the development of legislation that concerns its members;
  • Furthering the enterprising environment and the sector’s sustainability;
  • Representing its members at the international and national levels;
  • Furthering and guaranteeing the quality of hotels and restaurants;
  • Developing the vocational education system and thereby the quality of workforce;
  • Ascertaining the need for in-service training and organising training;
  • Protecting the interests of its members;
  • Representing its members and promoting cooperation in relationships with tourist and other organisations and associations, hotels and restaurants and their associations and unions both in the Republic of Estonia and abroad;
  • Obtaining and distributing information relating to the activities of hotels and restaurants, incl. publication and distribution of advertising and other printed materials;
  • Gathering and analysing the economic indicators and trends of the hotel and restaurant market and intermediating these to its members.


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