Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

A representative organisation of employers that is public, voluntary and operates on democratic principles.

EHRA Members

198 companies including hotels, restaurants, affiliated members and schools belong to the Association.

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Classification system

Over Europe star system Hotelstars Union came to force in Estonia on 2th of May 2011. Hotelstars Union goal is to create a common European star system to make it easier for clients to understand and find expected quality in hotels.

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Who Can Become Members?

According to the Articles of Association, the following persons may join the Association:

  • Independent hotels and restaurants, other accommodation and catering companies attested according to the valid procedure;
  • Chains or other associations of hotels and restaurants;
  • Procurement or service companies or firms of hotels and restaurants or their associations;
  • Hotel schools and training centres that train staff for hotels and restaurants;
  • Research institutions that conduct market and client research concerning hotels and restaurants;
  • Tourist organisations;
  • Other legal entities and natural persons that acknowledge the Articles of Association of the Association based on the resolution of the management board.

Membership Application

By joining us as independent restaurant, you will also become automatically Estonian Restaurants Association(ERA) member.

Becoming member of EHRL through Estonian Restaurant Association (ERL):

Estonian Restaurant Assocation (ERL) representation of all the companies involved in the catering sector, organization that represents the interests of companies working in this area. ERL represents and supports professional, sustainable and strong economy for the future by providing a single platform to share their experiences and advice. ERL member can be classic restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants, self-service restaurants and entertainment venues. ERL is a full member of the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association (EHRL).

ERL membership application


Amount and Payment of Membership Fee

Membership fees were confirmed unanimously by voting members at the General Assambly meeting of Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association (EHRL). Membership fees in 2018 for our members are:

Membership Fee for 2018
One-off joining fee 200 EUR
Annual membership fee for affiliated members 385 EUR
Annual membership fee for schools 200 EUR
Annual membership fee for independent restaurants alliances with EHRA 350 EUR (a full voting member of EHRL)
Annual membership fee for independent restaurants alliances with Eesti Restoranide Liidu (EHRA membership through ERL, voting right through ERL):
Single Membership for single-location restaurants:
< 30 seats - Annual fee 25 EUR
≥ 30 seats - Annual fee 50 EUR
Group Membership for companies that operate multiple restaurants: 
Multi-location restaurant under 1 brand - Annual fee 50 EUR
Second and further location of the same brand - Annual fee 25 EUR
Multi-brand groups under 1 ownership - Annual fee 50 EUR
Second and further brands per outlet - Annual fee 25 EUR

The membership fee of hotels is calculated on the basis of 2 indicators – number of rooms and hotel level/category:

  • Hotel level 1 (comparable to 1 stars hotels and hostels) 8,9 EUR/ room
  • Hotel level 2 (comparable to 2 stars hotels) 10,5  EUR / room
  • Hotel level 3 (comparable to 3 stars hotels) 12,2 EUR / room
  • Hotel level 4 (comparable to 4 stars hotels) 14,6 EUR / room
  • Hotel level 5 (comparable to 5 stars hotels) 16,3 EUR / room

Minimum annual membership fee 200 EUR. The annual membership fee is paid in two instalments in March and October.

EHRL membership application  ERL membership application


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