Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

A representative organisation of employers that is public, voluntary and operates on democratic principles.

EHRA Members

211 companies or associations of companies belong to the Association. Ca. 27% of all accommodation rooms in Estonia and ca. 64% of all accommodation rooms in Tallinn are members of the Association.

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Classification system

Over Europe star system Hotelstars Union came to force in Estonia on 2th of May 2011. Hotelstars Union goal is to create a common European star system to make it easier for clients to understand and find expected quality in hotels

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September 2018: 1 event

August 2018: 1 event

June 2018: 2 events

May 2018: 12 events

April 2018: 11 events

March 2018: 14 events

February 2018: 8 events

January 2018: 5 events

December 2017: 7 events

November 2017: 11 events

October 2017: 16 events

September 2017: 8 events

August 2017: 4 events

July 2017: 2 events

June 2017: 2 events

May 2017: 9 events

April 2017: 5 events

March 2017: 9 events

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