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Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

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Hotelbuddy Technology OÜ

City: Tallinn
Aaddress: Pärnu mnt 105 , 11312
Phone: +372 56652404

  • Hotelbuddy is a all-in-one solution that enables hotels to digitalize their customer journey.
  • Hotelbuddy has a 2-way integration with the hotel PMS, which means that Hotelbuddy gets real-time data from the PMS and updates the PMS automatically if guests fill their registration cards, upgrade their room, book extra services or pay. This helps hotels reduce front desk manual work load, eliminate long queues, improve the speed and quality of customer service and increase revenue from room upsells and extra services.
  • Hotelbuddy enables guests to use their mobile phone to check in online, fill in the regisitration form, upgrade their room, book extra services, chat with the reception, open their room door with a digital key, cast Netflix, Youtube, Spotify etc to hotel TV, pay and check out online.
  • Hotelbuddy solution is secure, intuitive and user-friendly: guests receive a personalised link via e-mail and sms to access all hotel services without the need to download any apps on their phone.

HotelTime International s.r.o.


Wendre AS



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