Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association

Professional Qualification Committee

The task of the Professional Qualification Committee is to develop the draft procedure for granting professional qualifications in cooperation with persons applying for the right to grant qualifications and to develop the work procedure of the Professional Qualification Committee. If necessary, the Committee appoints Evaluation Committees and develops the work procedure of the Evaluation Committee, approves the evaluation instructions and materials, evaluation forms and other documents required for granting qualifications. The Professional Qualification Committee calculates the amount of the fee for granting and re-certifying professional qualifications and submits it to the KA for approval. The Committee organises a review of the applicant’s documents and decides on the grant of a qualification to the applicant. The Professional Qualification Committee resolves the complaints filed against the activities of the Evaluation Committee and approves the requirements submitted to the place where competence is evaluated (examination centre) if necessary.

Professional Qualification Committee:

  • Maarika Liivamägi, committe chairman
  • Indrek Kivisalu, committee vice-chairman
  • Ülle Parbo
  • Raigo Triik
  • Sirje Rekkor
  • Rudolf Visnapuu
  • Ülle Kruuda
  • Ritta Roosaar
  • Krista Kalmus
  • Margit Kikas
  • Peep Peetersoo
  • Eeve Kärblane
  • Killu Maidla
  • Tiina Viin
  • Maret Õunpuu
  • Anne Mäe
  • Krista Tuulik

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